During this period of social distancing…

Via Italia businesses have pulled together during the COVID-19 pandemic that continues to spread around the province and across the country. Many of us have reinvented ourselves to keep sales going, while others have had to temporarily shutter their doors to stop the spread of infection.

We’re here to provide our members with the latest updates and resources for your business. If you need resources while your business is closed, or if you need to know what to do when it’s time to open up shop once again, you can find it here. 

Message from the Via Italia President

We cannot thank our members enough for their actions taken and sacrifices made during these exceptional and unprecedented times. Via Italia business owners have had to adapt their organizations and livelihoods to protect our community against the spread of COVID-19. Through adhering to physical distancing and implementing PPE into our everyday lives as well as many other minute details, we are doing what must be done for our community’s safety.

Although Erie Street has looked starkly different throughout this crisis with less foot traffic along our well-trodden sidewalks, your Via Italia board of directors continues to work diligently on your behalf. We fully expect our businesses will, together, adapt and thrive in the coming weeks and months.

The BIA will continue to monitor new developments of COVID-19 and provide updates to our members as they are released. If there is any information you may need, please contact us directly at and we’d be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.
Wishing you all a safe and healthy success,

Filip Rocca

Resources you can rely on during COVID-19 pandemic

City of Windsor

To find out the latest on available services in your community, you can visit the City of Windsor page dedicated to COVID-19 information.

Government of Ontario

The Ontario government has worked hard to accommodate businesses, while protecting our citizens against the spread of the Coronavirus. Here are some helpful links to get the latest on the province’s plan to keep infection rates down and slowly open more businesses.

Government of Canada

The federal government has services and programs in place to help businesses survive during the pandemic closures. Make sure you’re taking advantage of the assistance provided.