Soon children with visual impairments across North America will get to “see” what Mickey Mouse “looks like” thanks to the efforts of a Windsor couple. Rebecca and Emmanual Blaevoet run Tactile Vision Graphics on Erie Street East.

The shop creates greeting cards, maps, colouring books and other publications in braille for the blind and visually impaired.

About four years ago, they got the idea to approach the Disney Corporation to produce a series of activity books for children featuring Disney characters. It took a year and half to put together and they just signed an agreement the first week in January.

“We got in touch with the people at consumer products and interactive media and they were on board,” said Rebecca Blaevoet .

Emmanuel Blaevoet said he’s in the phase of designing the first book.

“They gave me access to their portal of tens of thousands of designs. My jaw just dropped,” he said. Read the full article on CBC Windsor: